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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

BLM Mare Sterilization Research – Comments Close Today 2/10/16

The deadline to submit comments to the BLM regarding their Mare Sterilization Research has been extended to today, Wednesday, February 10, 2016.


Comments can be submitted by

Email to: blm_or_bu_mareresearchea@blm.gov

or by

Fax to: (541) 573-4411, Attn: Lisa C. Grant, Mare Sterilization Research Project Lead


The Project Lead, Lisa Grant, can also be contacted via phone at (541) 573-4453 or via email to lgrant@blm.gov

Tell the BLM that you demand Alternative A - No Action and that you are horrified that they would even consider surgical sterilization of MARES, including pregnant mares and WEANLING fillies! 

Please note that your entire comments, including personal identifying information, may be published as part of the EA and Decision Record process. 

For further information about Oregon’s Mare Sterilization Research project or to have your name added to their project mailing list, contact the Project Lead at (541) 573-4400 or using the above contact information.

What is this all about you ask?

I am HORRIFIED to report that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Burns District is planning on conducting wild Mare Sterilization Research at the Wild Horse Corral Facility in Hines, Oregon.

On 9/11/15, BLM entered into two (2) financial assistance agreements with Oregon State University (OSU) to fund “research” projects to investigate the safety and efficacy of three separate methods of surgical sterilization of wild horse mares:

  1. Ovariectomy via colpotomy (further referenced as “ovariectomy”) - to remove both ovaries,

  2. Minimally invasive tubal ligation (further referenced as “tubal ligation”) to cauterize and then cut the oviduct,

  3. Minimally invasive hysteroscopically-guided oviduct papilla laser ablation (further referenced as “hysteroscopically-guided laser ablation”) - to use a laser to scar and seal the opening of each oviduct.


Even more horrifying is that they intend to experiment on PREGNANT MARES AND WEANLING FILLIES TOO!!! AND, they intend to breed 25 mares just to use as a control group!


The Ovariectomy study would be performed on 100 horses, 25 wild horses from each of the following four (4) gestational groups: a fetus age of less than 4 months, 4–8 months, over 8 months, and open (not pregnant).


These “research” studies are supposedly in response to a 2013 recommendation from the National Academy of Science to develop new or improve existing population grown suppression methods for wild horses. Utah, Wyoming and Oregon have current or upcoming research projects.



A. Alternative A - No Action

The no action alternative would reject all three mare sterilization research proposals. It would not be possible to conduct the research specified in the financial assistance agreements. The BLM funding for the agreements would be de-obligated.

B. Alternative B - Proposed Action

This alternative proposes to conduct research on the safety and practicality of sterilizing mares as a tool for wild horse population control using the three methods specified above. The proposed action includes the functional assessment.

The full details of what the horrors that the BLM intends to inflict on our wild horse can be found in the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and can be viewed/downloaded from: https://eplanning.blm.gov/epl-front-office/projects/nepa/56292/67242/73184/MareSterilizationResearchEA_12172015.pdf


Speaking from personal experience, I've had a tubal ligation, I've had a partial hysterectomy and I've had an ovary and oviduct removed, recovery from theses surgical procedures is anything but a cake walk. We don't normally sterilize our domestic mares, if sterilization is to be performed it is done on our stallions. I can't imagine entertaining the idea for even one second to sterilize WILD MARES! The BLM has truly gone nuts!