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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Wild Horse Roundup Calico Mountains NV Death Toll Now at 77

As of Friday, March 19, 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acknowledges that seventy-seven (77) wild horses have died as a result of the winter roundup (AKA gather) from the Calico Mountain range north of Reno in Nevada.  According to JoLynn Worley, BLM spokesperson, seven (7) died at the roundup site itself and another seventy (70) died at the Fallon holding facility, details of which can be read on the BLM Calico gather updates.  Thirty eight (38) of those have died since the roundup was stopped on Febuary 5, 2010.  Read the Associated Press story.

Maureen Harmonay, Equine Advocacy Examiner, has some excellent articles on the Wild Horse Roundup of Calico Mountains NV.

We can't be sure how many mares had miscarriages as a result of the roundup, but it is known that at least another forty-eight (48) deaths can be counted when include the forty-eight (48) late-term miscarriages that we do know about.

Channel 8 has a great article on their website regarding this roundup and it answered a previous question I had about why BLM would consider using "partners" to purchase land.  As pointed out in this article, the Calico facility is on private land which means BLM can control access to the facility.  I guess that's why the BLM wants to use partners for the proposed wild horse "preserve".

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