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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Wild Free Roaming Horse Now Owned by Broker Who Ships to Slaughter

Update:  6/8/2010  SmileLaughingSmileLaughing

Proud Dreams Farm (http://prouddreamsfarm.com/) has "bailed" this mustang and picked him up yesterday (Monday).  They are a 501(c)(3) Corporation specializing in Mustang and Burro rescue and rehabilitation in the State of Delaware.  They are currently raising funds for the Mustang and, if you'd like to donate, donations can be sent via paypal to prouddreamsfarm@yahoo.comProud Dreams Farm is on facebook too.  Their facebook photo album of the pickup from the kill broker lot and his safe arrival at his new home.  They are also having a name the mustang contest, so be sure and check them out.



Despite the BLM's claims that OUR mustangs don't go to slaughter, we have one in very real danger of shipping to Canada to be slaughtered.  He is now owned by a broker that is know to ship horses weekly to Canada for slaughter.Yell

The broker wants $700 for him or he ships out. 

Horses he owns that are not sold by 4pm Friday usually ship out Saturday, so we don't have a lot of time to save this horse. 

According to his Freezemark, he is a BLM horse that was born in 1993 and gathered from Nevada.

Nevada Mustang Titled and Headed to Slaughter

According to Another Chance 4 Horses (AC4H) he has a BLM Wild Free-Roaming Horse or Burro Certificate of Title and he is gentle to be tacked, mounted and ridden (information given regarding the horse is not guaranteed by Another Chance 4 Horses as they don't own these horses, they are only acting as an intermediary trying to save as many horses as they can from shipping out.

Another Chance 4 Horses is a 501c3 nonprofit horse rescue, rehabilitation and placement or rehoming facility located in Pennsylvania with a national network.

PLEASE LET'S SAVE THIS (ONCE) FREE WILD HORSE.  PLEASE visit the AC4H website for additional information.  PLEASE contact them or me if you have any questions, if you want to donate or if you can offer a home.

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  • lee Chesterfield

    6/10/2010 8:58:22 AM | Reply

    on your post june 2  , is about the mustangs that had til Friday or he would go to slaughter.  Then there is a post  saying  a mustangs has gone to his new home.  Is this the same mustang?  I would like to send a personal check. what is address.  I  have tried PayPal in the past it doesn't work for me.  As soon as I put in my birthday it says error  I am 76 years old maybe that is a problem.

  • Valerie

    6/10/2010 6:30:08 PM | Reply

            Hi Lee,

            Yes, this mustang was rescued from the kill buyer broker lot in Pennsylvania by Proud Dreams Farm.  I will get you a physical address so that you can send them a check.  Thank you so much!

  • Valerie

    6/10/2010 7:48:43 PM | Reply

            Hi Lee - and anyone else wanting to donate via check. YOU ARE AWESOME.  Thank you so VERY much.

            Donations can be sent to:

            Proud Dreams Farm
            Debbie Edwards
            235 Black Stallion Rd.
            Townsend, DE 19734

  • Kandie Rosales

    11/26/2010 1:53:49 PM | Reply

            I'm so angry over what's happening to the Mustangs I've had to delete my comment 3 times for cursing. Is nothing sacred anymore? Man kills off his own kind daily, without batting an eye, even ignoring the screams of dying children, now that that no longer curls their toes he's gone after any and everything else that breaths. They just don't give a damn! It seems Regal Beauty irks these rat-humans sitting in seats of power, too. (Sorry rats, but calling them human makes me want to puke) Why they can't even decide who should recieve medical care and who shouldn't. That tells me how they feel about "life" right there. So, I'm standing-up to defend the last free roaming herds of horses left in the U.S.

            Thanks to all.

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