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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Why the BLM Wild Horse Roundups MUST STOP

Watch this video and you will understand why the roundups must stop!



We can't allow this to continue.


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  • MG LaMendola

    3/17/2010 3:33:37 PM | Reply

    Great job in getting the site up and running!  I hope this helpful in getting the word out.

  • Lisa Norman

    3/24/2010 2:39:26 PM | Reply

    Good job on the website! Hopefully Jim Weber and L.Moore won't post comments here. do they get paid for getting on my nerves??? Neither of them voted to "end the roundups" but they were on that site ranting daily.

    • Valerie

      3/24/2010 6:57:36 PM | Reply

      Thank you.  Yeah they annoyed me too!  I know that we are all entitled to our opinions, but why the heck keep posting on a petition to save wild horses when it was obvious they weren't at all interested in stopping the roundups.  You know, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if someone really was paying them for the posts.

  • Lisa Norman

    3/25/2010 8:27:26 AM | Reply

    On this day, March 25,2010 - when so many are marching, protesting, speaking out for our mustangs around the globe - let's collectively pray that this will have a positive effect and change for the better for our beloved mustangs. Let's pray these roundups stop and congress once again stands up for our mustangs and their freedom.  

    • Valerie

      3/25/2010 6:52:14 PM | Reply

      From checking Twitter and Facebook everything seems to be going well in DC and they are gearing up for meetings tomorrow.  I'll be making phone calls and praying that our message is heard loud and clear tomorrow.

  • Lisa Norman

    3/26/2010 6:55:32 AM | Reply

    good coverage on CNN sister's station last night, not just the protest was covered but the Calico roundup and other issues too.  Jane Valez-Mitchell said she would "stay on top of this story". Thanks to Jane, Ginger, Madeline.

  • 5linx.com

    2/12/2012 7:17:53 PM | Reply

    Impressive!! I hope you will keep up the amazing work.

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