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Volunteers Needed to Lobby in Washington for Horses July 19 to 23


Simone Netherlands, founder of Respect 4 Horses, needs volunteers and participants to join her in Washington D.C. in July.

She will be at the Animal Rights Conference 2010 from July 15 through July 18 to speak about ending horse slaughter and about what we can do to protect our wild horses (from the BLM).  They will also have an information booth and t shirts. There will be over 1000 booths and many excellent speakers for organizations working to end factory farming, puppy mills, etc. Respect 4 Horses will be the ONLY organization representing horse welfare issues at the Animal Rights Conference 2010.

During the week of July 19th through July 23rd, Respect 4 Horses will lobby the Senate and House, speaking to legislators and legislators aids and they will have a strategy meeting with Senator Mary Landrieu, the original sponsor of Senate Bill S.727.

They will work to disspell misinformation and MOST IMPORTANTLY they will be asking legislators to cosponsor House of Representatives Bill H.R. 503 Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009, Cosponsor Senate Bill S.727 Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009, H.R. 305 Horse Transportation Safety Act of 2009 and S.1579 Restore Our American Mustangs Act (full text of bill).

Respect 4 Horses is looking for people to team up in groups of four (4) so that all the legislators can be contacted during the week (7/19-7/23).  Each group will consist of two (2) speakers and two (2) "nodders" (people who sit, look real serious and nod).

I whole heartedly agree with Simone that LOBBYING IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THESE BILLS PASSED. H.R. 503 was introduced in January 2009 and S.727 was introduced in March 2009.  Yet they both are languising in subcommittee.  We MUST make our voices heard and push our legislators to cosponsor these bills and vote yes.  

Except for a few organized lobbying events per year, there is NO ONE lobbying for the bills in Washington D.C., NO ONE.

Simone personally lobbies in Washington four (4) times a year, and the Representatives and Senators say that they HAVE NOT HEARD OUR POINT of view on the issues.  We do not have enough activists calling, writing, and lobbying to make an impact, especially when we are up against agriculture and breeding associations who throw the big bucks at campaigns and hire professional lobbyists. Each time Simone goes, she gets 8 to 12 more cosponsors for the bills!  There are currently 180 cosponsors for H.R. 503 and 28 cosponsors for S.727.

It is time that it gets onto the calendar and up for a vote in the house.  Aproximately 100,000 horses per year are depending on us to save them from horrible suffering and a tragic fate.


Please help Simone make a final push for the passage of these bills.  She needs people so that someone can speak to each committee member holding up the bill.


If you can participate, whether it is for ONE DAY or the whole week, please email Simone (simone@respect4horses.com)

Simone Netherlands is also on facebook and has started a facebook page looking for volunteers for the lobbying.


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  • siegler

    6/11/2010 5:15:23 AM | Reply

    Pour que ces choses ignobles puissent enfin s'arrêter, c'est une honte, les animaux souffrent aussi !!!!!!!!!!!