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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Salazar's Wild Horse Iniative BLM 2011 Budget Request

On October 7, 2009, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced a plan that included an additional $12 million in 2011 for the Wild Horse and Burro program.   Ken Salazar's so called "Wild Horse and Burro Initiative" sounds good when you first hear about it, until you realize the "facts" that he uses are not facts and the full impact of what he proposes.  It seems to me that Secretarey Salazar is trying to "pull the wool" over the eyes of the American public and our elected officials.

"To advance the Secretary’s efforts toward program sustainability, the President’s FY 2011 BLM budget proposal requests $75.7 million for the wild horse and burro program, a $12 million increase over the FY 2010 level of $64 million." PLUS "The budget proposal makes a separate, but related land-acquisition funding request of $42.5 million for the purchase of land for one wild horse preserve."  

We've already learned that the BLM hires contractors who illegally rounded up and sold our wild horses to slaughter-houses, now we learn that the "Wild Horse and Burro Initiative" proposes to spend $42.5 MILLION of our hard earned tax dollars to purchase land for ONE (1) wild horse preserve in the MidWest or the East.  This preserve "will be located on lands acquired by BLM or partners, and would be home to non-reproducing herds of wild horses". 

Ok, stop right there, who the heck are these "partners" and why in the heck am I going to spend my tax dollars for an entity other than the USA to own the land?  Sounds fishy to me!

From a monetary standpoint purchasing land in the east is ridiculous, I think we all know that land in the east is a lot more expensive than land in the west.  Why do we need to purchase land when we already own "31.8 million acres of western rangeland, including 26.6 million acres of BLM-managed land."

From a horse health standpoint, this just doesn't make sense.  Horses digestive systems are very delicate, ask anyone who has had a horse colic or founder, and the change in diet alone would in all likelhood result in health issues and possibly death for the horses.

The initiative states the number of wild horses rounded up and held as  "32,000 held in expensive short-term corrals and long-term pastures", yet on page three (3) of the BLM’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2011 Budget the number is up to 34,000.  They state that "BLM each year moves thousands of wild horses to short-term corrals and long-term pastures."  With 26.6 million acres of BLM-managed land, why are we moving the horses off of rangeland where the cost is minimal to corrals where the cost of maintenance is high?

The initiative states they are conducting the roundups "To prevent starvation of animals and to protect the lands from over-grazing".  Below are some photos from the BLM's own website of horses rounded up from various locations.  Do they look like they are starving to you?  They look pretty healthy to me, actually much healthier than I would have expected for a wild horse!

Wild Horses BLM Facility Burns, OR

The above photo is from the BLM Facility in Burns, OR


BLM Facility Palomino Valley NV

The above photo is from the BLM Facility in Palomino Valley NV


BLM Rock Springs WY<Wild Horses in Rock Springs WY


Wild Horses in Salt Lake City, UT>BLM Salt Lake City UT


The BLM 2011 Budget Justifications include more details. I think that there a more humane and cheaper alternatives than what the BLM proposes. But that will be the topic of another blog post.

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  • canon ef 50mm lens

    4/22/2010 11:02:14 PM | Reply

    Thank you so much for your outlook on Salazar's Wild Horse Iniative BLM 2011 Budget Request | www.4WildHorses.com , I totally agree with you. It is fantastic to see a fresh outlook on this and I look forward to more.

  • Why?

    6/23/2010 8:08:10 AM | Reply

            $42.5 million could do a lot of good in this country for a lot of things.  Allow harvest of these FERAL horse herds, leaving off limits the original "wild" horse populations (Like the Kiger).  Granted even these populations have their roots in the feral/escaped Spanish mustangs, but at least there's a history.  The vast majority of "wild" horses in the West are feral stock, and many from fairly recently.

            No different than a feral cat causing havoc in our songbird populations.

  • Jude Stufflebeam

    8/8/2010 1:14:31 PM | Reply

            I think there is something huge and very sinister going on here.  Why are they emptying the western Federal PUBLIC lands of the wild horses and burros?  Yes, they are drastically increasing the grazing rights permits, I have read 200 cows to 1 horse (violation of the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971) and I have read even higher ratios.  I have read about the Ruby Natural Gas Pipeline.  Then I read about another mining or ? venture, I can't find the report now perhaps it is pulled off the internet. WHAT IS GOING ON?

            All I know is they are rounding up so many horses that there is real danger of the whole population of wild horse bloodlines vanishing.  AND the roundups are so cruel, inhumane, violent and stupid that if an individual did what they are doing that person would be put in jail for years.  Why is a group that has admitted they took wild horses illegally allowed to do this?  Why are they above the law? Why has judge after judge not stopped the insanity?

  • praca kielce

    3/11/2012 9:52:40 AM | Reply

    THE ANSWER Do not vote any republican or democrat back into office (especially Congress) at any level of government. Vote Independents Only and have the Independents sign a pledge to ONLY SUPPORT BILLS that put money directly in the middle class workers pockets. The middle class being families that make less than $200,000. a year in income. For those making less than $40,000. they should pay NO TAXES, payroll, income or state taxes. If the Tea Party taught us anything they showed us how to control the agenda in congress. All you need is 100 seats in each house to change the agenda and this should be the focus of all concerned. You vote your choice for President but as you can see if you control Congress you control the Presidency.

  • Leila Landsberg

    5/20/2012 1:36:55 PM | Reply

    Great program! Let's hope Congress will pass laws to protect the wild horses.