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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Proposed Wild Horse Roundup - ACT to stop it

Help Stop Another Proposed Wild Horse Roundup

ACT by Friday, April 2!

I received the below email from In Defense of Animals today. I don't have time tonight to add to it, but I know it's important to get this out:

Government proposes removal of more than 1,000 horses in Wyoming, claiming 1.7 million acres can only support 1,165 horses

Please send the e-mail at this page by April 2 to submit comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM is continuing its business-as-usual roundup of wild horses. The latest proposal is to remove more than half of the 1,950 wild horses on 1.7 million acres of Herd Management Areas in southcental Wyoming.

Wild Horses BLM Facility Burns, ORThis is the beginning of the BLM’s process to remove wild horses in the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Herd Management Areas in Wyoming. It’s important that we submit our comments now to oppose this newest proposed assault on wild horses.

The BLM claims that the Adobe Town Herd Management Area encompassing more than 472,000 acres can only have 610 to 800 wild horses and the Salt Wells Herd Management Area comprised of nearly 1.2 million acres can only sustain 251 to 365 wild horses.

Please submit your comments today with the form at this page. Protest against another massive Obama Administration wild horse roundup. Public comments must be submitted by April 2, 2010.

In Defense of Animals, located in San Rafael, Calif., is an international animal protection organization with more than 85,000 members and supporters dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare. IDA's efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue through our sanctuaries in Mississippi, Mumbai, India, and Cameroon, Africa.

In Defense of Animals is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today! All donations to IDA are tax-deductible.

In Defense of Animals
3010 Kerner, San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel. (415) 448-0048 Fax (415) 454-1031

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  • Oswaldo Lambert

    6/25/2010 10:45:01 AM | Reply

    Thanks for the write up this is really some great stuff here! Proposed Wild Horse Roundup - ACT to stop it | www.4WildHorses.com was a wonderful read.

  • Chris Davidson

    7/6/2010 9:50:22 AM | Reply

    I really love your blog. I found you on Bing. Your writing is tremendous.

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