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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Nevada Wild Horse Roundup Comment Period Extended

The BLM will be accepting comments through the weekend on the proposed Nevada Wild Horse Gather from the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt HMAs.

Nevada Wild Horses Bachelor Wild Hrse Band Owyhee HMA

Although the deadline was yesterday, it is my understanding that some emails were "bounced back", which is why the BLM has extended the deadline through the weekend.  So, if you haven't already submitted your comments or if yours was one of those bounced back - GET YOUR COMMENTS IN THIS WEEKEND!

Email Comments:

Dave Overcast, Tuscarora Field Manager
Tuscarora Field Office
BLM Elko District Office

Click the e-mail link above or here to email: Dave Overcast (Tuscarora_horse_gathers@blm.gov),
Subject: Comments on Owyhee, Rock Creek & Little Humboldt HMA Preliminary EA

Link to Sample Letter and details on the proposed wild horse roundup in Neveda for July 2010.

Comments (3) -

  • Liz Stefanik

    5/22/2010 6:56:25 PM | Reply

    These horses are part of our national heritage. Please let them remain free. Chasing horses, mares and their foals with helicopters as part of a "roundup" is exceedingly cruel- so many have suffered and as a result of your policies. I don't understand why you are trying so hard to exterminate them. Perhaps the cattle industry lobby has too great an influence on you.

  • Marjatta Heinonen

    6/7/2010 11:11:09 PM | Reply

    The United States of America has a living symbol of its freedom and strenght  in the free roaming wild horse and burro,

    rounding up and keeping in captivity these noble animals, gifts from God to the USA is wrong,

    letting the ones in captivity back to freedom is right,letting the ones that are free keep their freedom.

    there are so many bad negative things going on in the world,
    letting the wild horses and burro live free and undisturbed gives a positive example and lesson to the whole world,
    may the USA show the way to the world

  • Theresa Minko

    6/16/2010 8:01:06 PM | Reply

    Seems to me the BLM is just trying to look busy enough to justify their existence. The ranchers would be a whole hell of a lot less inclined to run cattle on public land if they had to pick up the tab for the roundups! Most tax payers are sick to death of propping up these bloated, self serving, inhumane departments. Leave well enough alone, make hay drops and build water stations with our tax monies...