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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

Mustangs to be sold at public auction in Okeechobee FL

Update:  4/21/10 10:36 pm EST


Latest news, the Mustangs are being considered livestock and, as such, they are applying Florida Statutues 588.17 Disposition of impounded livestock that requires them to be auctioned and not rescued.

CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm in Keystone Heights, FL is collecting donations so the mustangs can be bought at the auction.

PayPal Donate Button on CJ Acres - note that it's 4 the Mustangs in S.FL.

15 Mustangs dumped on a highway in Okeechobee, FL are being put up for public auction.

At noon on Thursday, April 22, the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office will auction off 15 mustangs that were captured on public lands.  Auction to be held at the Rodeo Grounds in Okeechobee, FL, located at 1885 Hwy 441 N .

Good homes are needed for these Mustangs to avoid any kill buyers. 

Only one of the Mustangs had a BLM freezebrand.  Animal Control pulled Coggins on all horses. In accordance with county ordinance, a legal notice has been published that if no one claims the horses they will be put up for public auction.  Currently the horses are being kept in back of the Okeechobee Livestock Market.

PHOTOS of the mustangs on Flickr

The mustangs will be sold at a public auction to the best and highest cash bidder.
1. Bay mustang colt, left hind white fetlock, right front white pastern, approximately 2 years old, 13 hands high (hh);
2. Bay mustang colt, white star, approximately one year old, 134 hh;
3. Bay mustang mare, freeze brand on neck and number 6820 on quarters, approximately 10 years old, 14 hh;
4. Blue roan mustang mare, approximately 8 years old, 14 hh;
5. Dark bay mustang mare, approximately 8 years old, 14 hh;
6. Brown mustang filly, approximately 2 years old, 14.2 hh;
7. Bay mustang filly, left hind white pastern, right white fetlock, white star, approximately 2 years old, 14hh;
8. Bay mustang filly, tiny white star and thin white stripe on nose, approximately 2 years old, 14 hh;
9. Gray mustang colt, left hind white pastern, right hind white fetlock, 14hh;
10. Bay mustang mare, right half white pastern, left hind white pastern, white star, approximately 2 years old, 14 hh.
11. Bay roan mustang mare, white pastern to fetlock, white star, approximately 3 years old, 14 hh;
12. Bay mustang filly, left front club foot, approximately 8 months old, 12 hh;
13. Bay mustang filly, approximately 1 year old; 13 hh;
14. Bay mustang mare, right hind white half pastern, left hind white fetlock, tiny white star, approximately 5 years old, 14 hh;
15. Bay mustang colt, right hind white pastern, approximately 2 years old, 14hh.

Claire Hudson, Okeechobee Animal Control

(860) 608-4733


1480 NW 25th Drive
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Phone: 863 357-3225
Hours: Mon-Fri only



From what I understand the man who originally owned the mustangs was Larry Jones of the LB Ranch in Myakka City, FL.  He dearly loved them, but he died of cancer and his son didn't share that love.  The son reportedly dumped the horses in a preserve and left them to fend for themselves.  I believe this page provides additional information on the mustangs origins and the SAFE HAVEN FOR WILD HORSES OR BURROS that the LB Ranch was trying to provide.

I will add additional information and fundraising links as it becomes available.

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Thank you!

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