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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

House Appropriations Subcommittee Calls to Make

On March 18, the House Appropriations Subcommittee heard testimony from Ken Salazar on his proposed 2011 budget.  Call the Subcommittee members listed below to let them know you want:

  • A moratorium on all roundups
  • Cattle grazing allotments converted to wild horse allotments
  • The BLM to be required to focus resources towards on-the-range improvements
  • The BLM to address the importance of natural selection (AKA survival of the fittest)
  • Full public access allowed at holding facilities (and roundups if they continue)

Democratic House Subcommittee Members
Norman D. Dicks (WA) (Chair), 202-225-5916
James P. Moran (VA), 202-225-4376
Alan B. Mollohan (WV), 202-225-4172
Ben Chandler (KY), 202-225-4706
Maurice D. Hinchey (NY), 202-225-6335
John W. Olver (MA), 202-225-5335
Ed Pastor (AZ), 202-225-4065
David E. Price (NC), 202-225-1784
David R. Obey (WI) (Ex Officio), 202-225-3365

Republican House Subcommittee Members

Michael Simpson (ID) (Ranking), 202-225-5531
Ken Calvert (CA), 202-225-1986
Steven C. LaTourette (OH), 202-225-5731
Tom Cole (OK), 202-225-6165
Jerry Lewis (CA) (Ex Officio), 202-225-5861

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