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BLM Wild Horse Roundups Must Stop

South Florida Mustangs SAFE


Facebook photo album from the auction of the mustangs today.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of a GREAT group of people, the fifteen (15) mustangs put up for auction today are all SAFE. 

To name just a few of those involved in the rescue:

Several livestock trailers pulled away EMPTY from the auction, but the rescues pulled away with FULL trailers.  Way to go!

Donations are being handled through CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm.  CJ Acres is also taking in two of the mustangs (and at least one may be pregnant).

I think Pure Thoughts is taking in four (4) or (5) of the mustangs to get them ready for homes.

I will add additional information as it becomes available.

UPDATE:  04/26/2010 New Facebook Group, join the group and follow the lives of the Mustangs:  "THE FIFTEEN MIRACLE MUSTANG GANG".

Wild Mustangs at the Burns Oregon BLM facility...the Wild Horses still need our help.  This weekend I will work on improving this website, so that we can get to work saving the rest of our Wild Horses.  Bless you all.

BLM_Facility_Burns, OR_0022.jpg

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